Exploring data and arts since 2013

Hey Human! is a nonprofit artists-in-residence program that provides time and space for inventors, artists and researchers to create, experiment, and cultivate new directions in their practise.

A shared journey with the Domestic Data Streamers family to redefine the meaning behind the power of data using all kinds of arts .

Hey Human!

We award independent projects exploring the relation between data, art and people through the use of music, gastronomy, sculpture, visual arts, poetry, film or any other kind artistic representation.

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Checkout the calendars.

Checkout the calendars.

Checkout the calendars.

Checkout the calendars.


What Hey Human! offers?

We offer a 2-4 weeks stays in Barcelona providing: 

  • An accommodation plan with a team member of the studio.
  • A 24/7 studio and workshop facilities.
  • Side assistance from Domestic Data Streamers team members.
  • A small event for the presentation of each residency results.


Who should apply?

Residencies are for visual artists, musicians, creative technologist, curators, researchers, cooks, human right lawyers and other creative professionals with an exhibition/publication record, that want to work, think, write or play with data as raw material and have an idea on how to do it.


Will you assist me with my travel documents and visa?

Sadly because resource possibilities, fellows will be required to secure their own valid travel documents and visas; as well as flights, requirements vary depending on country of origin and length of stay. 

Domestic Data Streamers will furnish letters of invitation, if helpful.


Will you consider join application by partners/couples?

Even if we encourage love in all possible expressions, partners/couples wishing to submit a joint proposal must apply individually. If the Selection Committee  deems each individual deserving of a fellowship, the partners/couple will have the chance to share a residency term.

Right now the Data House cannot accommodate more than one resident at any given time, hopefully at certain point in the future we will be able to extend the house with more rooms.


What are the responsibilities of the fellowship winners?

Fellows will be asked to work on a project based on the relation between information and humans, and submit a final presentation, photographic/film documentation and a digital presentation documenting the whole experience by the end of the program.


Will meals be provided?

Nope. Sadly we haven’t had sponsors yet to cover on the cost of living in Barcelona other than the studio and the accommodation for now. 


What length of residency is available?

This program is designed for participation over the entire two/three-week period. Dates may vary a bit in order to adapt to each person and project.


How do I apply?

We will ask you to submit the following things: 

  • A cover Letter 
  • Resume and Current CV  
  • Project Summary (700 words)
  • Detailed project proposal and timeline 
  • Portfolio
  • 3 things you will safe from extinction
  • A short-video introducing your project (2 min)


How is the selection made?

Participants are selected by impartial adjudicators (if that exists…) on the basis of their submitted material. In addition to work merit, serious consideration will be given to the likelihood that the artist’s work will benefit from the program.


Check out our locations!

We have moved not long ago to the marvellous neighbourhood of Sants, come and say hi!

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